Letter to 2013…

2013 Collage


Hi. So glad that we met. Your silhouette looked great in the beginning and I never knew the meaning behind your mystery. Through you, I made history. You brought me my calm in the midst of a worried mindset. You let me live a life I never thought possible. I came to you engaged and I’m leaving you as a married woman. I went back to a place I vowed to never return and in turn it’s been a blessing to my life. You threw me loops after loops and then showed me what it was like to live through difficult times. I lost friendships and then strengthened others. I went from just a roommate to a God mother. You provided me with the beautiful stress that is planning a wedding. Setting me up for an amazing journey of a lifetime. You taught me that what God has for me, is MINE. I entered into a new church home and now, on the last day, ill lead my very first worship song. I crossed off a few items on my bucket list, I sang to my husband at our wedding. I became THAT chick. The one I didn’t think I could be. You showed me what it’s like to really acknowledge our Father in Heaven. You helped to expose the very parts of me that only Heaven knew. You threw away the importance I placed in popular opinion and settled me right into a new love. In you, I learned who I am. A conqueror and revolutionary. You presented me with the very things I’ve been dreaming of. But our journey together hasn’t been all peachy. I was hurt. Cried. Lost faith in some things and tried to run away from others. My greatest regret is not getting a picture with my brothers at my wedding. My greatest joy is that I figured out the secret to life. It’s bitter sweet that we’ll never be able to see each other again. Today, we have our final hours together. And as I wave goodbye, I KNOW that I’ll never forget you. This was the year that dreams came true. And 2014, will be the year that God changes
Love Always.
Mrs. Revolutionary

4 thoughts on “Letter to 2013…

    1. Thank you! 1. There was so much going on in the moment that we just neglected to get a picture of my brothers and I. They were in the wedding party and we were so focused on moving the day along on schedule that we just forgot.
      2. My secret to life is truth. Knowing it, believing it, living it. I believe truth is the foundation for everything.


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