What Are You Capable Of?

Recently, I was hanging out with a group of amazingly beautiful women and we had a conversation about our goals for 2014. In the conversation, we were challenged to recognize and share what our obstacles and setbacks were in relation to achieving those goals. I expressed that many times, I have the vision and dreams solidified but I lack the belief in myself that is required to complete them! We decided that we were going to hold each other accountable and one of the ways that I will be held accountable is to be asked “What are you capable of?” This helps me because I’m not relying on anyone else to tell me how “amazing” I am or how qualified I am to complete a task. I am responsible for stating what I’m capable of doing! Self motivation at it’s best. I’ve tried it a couple times and it really helps me move forward.

A few days later, while sitting in bible study on Tuesday, I closed my eyes and imagined myself singing with all of my soul and leading people to a place of amazing worship. The question popped in my mind “Why do you imagine yourself doing this?” and my instant answer was “Because I know that I’m capable”. I was shocked at my own response. Then I got this [rather long] thought/revelation:

“Funny thing about capability. One of the biggest reasons why we desire to do certain things is because we are capable. And we know that we are capable. The desire was placed in us during creation to lead us to do those things we envision. Our dreams remind us of who we are but we often allow fear to erase and replace our truth with lies! Because many of these desires are a direct reflection of our identity, they [shouldn’t] be easily erased. They’re etched into us strategically and intentionally. Flowing through our very blood. Even when it appears that all hope is lost , our dreams awaken us to the reality of who we are and what we’re capable of.”

Visions are a reflection of our capability. We envision ourselves accomplishing goals because we are capable! It’s natural for us to dream and then assess our capability BUT if we begin to adjust our reality towards the idea that we dream such things BECAUSE we are capable; our lives could change drastically. No more time wasted on wondering whether or not we can do what God has given us!

Think about an infant that is trying to hit all of the expected development “checkpoints”. Now, without being inside the mind of the baby, I can’t say that they “envision” themselves sitting up, crawling or walking but what I do know is that they make an effort to do so! I believe that babies attempt to walk because somehow…they know that it’s possible! Even in their seemingly underdeveloped minds, babies are aware that they are able to do more!

So! Ask yourself, what are you capable of?! Speak it out loud, record it. Say it to others. Acknowledge your capability especially in those moments of extreme anxiety and fear! Consider that some of those really amazing and unrelenting visions exist in you simply because you are capable of accomplishing them!

Whoop Whoop! Get it! Get it! *does shoulder shimmy*


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