Watching Life Die…

IMG_8048Living. The pursuit of life.

We’ve become too obsessed with the concept that we’ve failed to actually live.

We’ve stood by admiring others

putting envy to their freedom. Putting curiosity to their methods.

We’ve wandered so deep in thought; farther than we’ve ever let our thoughts go before

yet our body stayed stagnant.

Laid dormant in the cage of routine. No wonder life isn’t always as beautiful as it seems.

We’ve lost sight of the things that excited us. Let go of the dreams that motivated.

We’ve somehow become enslaved by responsibility. Cornered by the right choices fighting not to make the wrong one

We have lost our way. We have given up hope. We haven’t forgiven ourselves for our failures. 

Our smiles are few and far between. our grasp on reality is suffocating. Our understanding of control is skewed.

We’ve thrown possibility into the fireplace and watched it burn slowly,

with regret, we’ve cried.

Trying to find balance between humanity and sanity we’ve choked the life out of freedom.

We sold our rights to be individuals traded them in for acceptance.

Authenticity became a burden. Conflict its’ result.

Insanity plagued our innocence. Manipulation bore a new name:


Ramblings of the heart were hidden in private areas.

The image of cooperation was upheld and life went from a thing worth living to a thing worth saving;

then just a thing worth desire,

and it began to control me.

My face became fixed in the position of sorrow. My heart corrupted by disappointment as I sat and cried

I hoped that the “we’s” of the world would find the home we search for.

The home that freed our locked emphasis, the home that fulfills our needs,

the home we have long given up on because it appeared unreachable.

Stability is a myth. It’s facade is deceiving. Purity takes a shift;

its appearance misleading.

Your solitude fellowships with silence. Even it, is not alone

You’ve become aware of your indiscretions. The way you’ve sinned against your spirit.

You’ve silenced the second guesser and when it rises, you can’t hear

it’s declarations

they’re false.

Your time isn’t everlasting. Evolution is waiting.

The people keep asking when you’ll arrive because your presence

is precious.

Your existence is intentional. Your brilliance is evident and your doubt is superficial.

Your tears begin to heal you when you allow them their presence.

What you possess is beneficial when you acknowledge it’s a present

for the listener, the reader, for the lover, the creator;

and the debater may always show face






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