Where Does Pressure Come From?

There is so much Pressure.

To be great. To be valuable.

To succeed. To know yourself. To know others.


To want yourself.

To want others.

To love. To hate.

To be nice. To be mean.

To let go. To hold on. To be in love.

To let love die.

The pressure to grow long hair.

To cut it all off.

To love men. To love women. To love both.

To caress my body. To caress his. To caress hers.

To kiss. And hug.

And say hello.

To live and let live.

To live and carry on.

To speak. To ask. To know.

To understand.

To leave. To stay.

To smile, to laugh.

To cry.

To hold it all in.

To let it all out.

There is so much pressure.

Because we ask for it;

we take it on and carry it around with us;

like going on a trip with empty luggage.

It’s useless.

So we can let it go.

We should let it go.

And we will,

once we realize

that it’s an imaginary distraction

given to us by our desire to be something

we were never created to be

─ like everyone else.

God deliver me from the pressure.

And restore my soul to be just like yours.

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