What You Listening To?

Sometimes it’s hard for people to hear themselves. Or see themselves clearly. It’s as if there is a brick wall standing long and tall between them and their souls that prevents them from moving forward in the direction of their dreams; or simply in the direction of their joy.

We often hear others louder than we hear ourselves. We often get told things that corrupt our perception of reality and leave us feeling as if we need to subscribe to the reality of others as opposed to the reality of our authentic selves.

We know not what we do. We rarely ever do it on purpose. We’re simply living life in the way we feel is right and just. We have a desire to follow God. We have a desire to love. We have a desire to be happy and in that desire, we follow whatever voice seems the clearest – and oftentimes, that voice is not our own.

What I’ve challenged myself to do over the last year, is listen to my own voice. The soul deep down that speaks even when I’m not listening. I believe there was a voice put inside of us to guide us every single day of our lives and it’s our job, our duty, our obligation to listen and follow even when it goes against all sanity and logic.

And believe me, I know how that sounds. I know how crazy it must feel to wake up one day and decide to completely change careers. Or to cut off all your hair. Or to quit school when you have a free ride. I know how it feels, I live it everyday. But what I’ve also realized is that I am only happy when I am at peace. And I am only at peace, when I listen to that voice. When I learn to follow it and dedicate myself to it’s commands.

What is that voice saying to to you today? Is it saying to stay? Is it staying to go? Is it saying to stop? Is it saying to leave behind everything you once thought was real and follow the yellow brick road? Because if it is, then you need to listen, because whatever it is that you desire, is on the other side of your obedience.


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