2018: Life Is What You Make It.

2018 taught me that life comes at you fast. It taught me that life isn’t always what it seems. It taught me that when life tells you to go, you go, and when it tells you to stop, you stop. 2018 has taught me that nothing is ever the same; yet and still, everything is.

Someone said the most important lessons in life are cliches. And they’re right. Because what life has taught me this year is that life is what you make it and the state of your mind will determine how you live. If your mind is strong, you will fight;  if your mind is weak, you will cower; and if you’re confused, you will stand still and bury yourself in sand for as long as you can stand it. But if somehow you acquire the will to see and find the light, it will guide you out of the pit of hell into the courage of Heaven.

“You are stronger than you think” has been the song playing in the background of my life.

You are stronger than you think. You are stronger than you think. And with all that will come, you can change how you feel, simply by looking at things a different way.

2018 has taught me that good friends are necessary and that I have them. From Akia’s annual Christmas party to my best friend getting me back into performing spoken word and my boyfriend lover husband becoming my love all over again, this year has shown me that I have the best people around me to help me move forward in all of our endeavors and I’m forever grateful for them.

I’m as equally grateful to be reminded of what good friends are not and I’ve learned to say goodbye to them in love and with grace just in case they make their way back to my circle. It’s all love. All the time.

Strength only comes when you endure. And crying is a thing that keeps you healthy. And people are just atoms turned organisms. They can only hurt you if you keep their pain as yours and they can only heal you if you let them in.

Life is what you make it. And memories are perceived reminders of Gods grace in our lives- whether good or bad. So let’s all take this time to be reacquainted with our perspective because apparently it drives everything we do.


Also lets not forget to thank God for Michael B Jordan in Creed II; he has been quite the blessing to my soul this year. Thanks God.

Happy 2019.



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