An Ode To LGBT

There is something beautiful about a person who is willing to be completely authentic to their hearts desires. Especially when those desires go against popular rhetoric and design.

The other day, as I sat in Tin Lizzy’s stuffing my face with this Sante Fe quesadilla, I watched a women introduce herself as Megan. She wore fitted dress pants, a sweater and dress shoes. The sides of her hair were shaven and the top was cut pixie style. She was beautiful to me and I wanted to be her friend. I wanted to hear her story and know where she was from.

I assumed she was gay and then I wondered if she would be offended by my assumption. I wondered how it felt to be instantly categorized based on your appearance and style of dress. I mean, I know what it’s like; I’m black. But still, I wondered how it feels for something as sensitive as sexuality to be judged and considered by other people. Why was her preference in romance any of my business or my concern?

I may never know whether or not she’d be offended by my assumptions. But the very thought of her identifying as gay woman made me smile. We live in a world where people argue over loves’ sexuality. And I love that there are people who choose to love whoever they want and they do so openly. They don’t ascribe to the “norm” and they don’t have to. I’m grateful for the example to be open and honest with oneself. These people make me brave. They make me want to face the mirror and admit to myself that I too desire things that go against society’s rubric. They make me feel like that is ok.

So this is a toast to you. All of you who dare to be authentic despite society’s epic efforts to back you into a corner.



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