Choose: A Sunday Sermon.

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to use my gift of spiritual connection for good. I’ve been wanting to share my heart and whatever I feel God is saying. I’ve been wanting to give of myself in new ways. 

If you identify and it resonates, Amen – if not, maybe next time? 

So here it is, a short and sweet Sunday Sermon from my heart to yours.

.                .               .

Your mind has been reckless with thoughts lately. Maybe they’ve been foul, maybe they’ve been negative – intruding on your ability to be productive or protective of your spirit.

You need wholesome things in your life.

You need wholesome love, music, television, food – things that will feed you; nourish you.

This week is a good week to try those things. Try incorporating small things into your day that can bring you joy for your heart, and peace for your soul. Maybe a walk. Or a slice of your favorite pizza. Or a song that soothes you – no matter the genre or tone.

You are a precious, worthy, and extremely brilliant being. You deserve the best life has to offer you. And you can have it.

All you have to do, is choose.

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