To Be Beauty: A Sunday Sermon

The sun, the moon, the stars, and the 

      air, were all here.

Always here.  they came here like 

      us; unknowingly. We have theories 

and thoughts that pertain to how 

    and why but time, time knows 

      no bounds and neither should we. 

We know not why we’re here. We 

     just know, we are here

             We’re here. 

                    So how will we make the 

best of this? 

The river, the mountains, 

         the rocks, the Earth; 

              they exist simply to add beauty. 

— so, why can’t we? 


you add beauty to the world 

     by being everything you were 

             and are created to be. 


I bet the Earth does not hold 

    back it’s tears because it may 

ruin our day. The sky cries 

      that we may have rain. 

The sun shines so that we can 

   smile, and feel warmth, so 

      plants can grow and exist 

            — to add beauty .


The sky shows us a reflection 

       of peace. Of movement. 


        It all exists to show and be 


    maybe we exist to do the 


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