Rest: A Sunday Sermon

If I can be honest, I struggled writing this week’s Sunday Sermon. I struggled because I kept trying to make something work that just wasn’t working. I worked it and reworked it and almost posted it but felt like it lacked integrity to share something inauthentic.

So I came back to the drawing board and realized, the sermon in my heart this week is about rest.

This week has been a hard week on my body. My mind has been moving a million miles a minute and I’ve been working like crazy.

On Thursday I took every single sticky note off of my calendar and wrote the word: rest.

Every second I found myself wanting to work, I reminded myself; rest.

I made the decision to spend more time playing with my kids, reading, and coloring. Work could wait; and it did.

That’s it. That’s the sermon. This week, maybe even this month, is a time of rest. If you’ve been going hard, working, worrying, talking, speculating, grinding — it might be time to start incorporating systems of rest into your life. How can you rest a little more everyday? Every week? Every month?

For me, that looks like doing things that refuel me. Spending more time with friends and loved ones. This last week, I watched more tv, doodled, and enjoyed a staycation with my husband. I’m going to continue incorporating these things into my life so I don’t find myself grasping for air every few weeks.

If rest is not on your agenda but needed by your body, please listen to yourself and do what needs to be done.

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