Show Up: A Sunday Sermon

For the last two months, I’ve been getting this message to “show up.”

I noticed this pattern in my life where I would take on more responsibility and then run away from it because it felt overwhelming. My life is changing and the closer I get to living the life I want, the more I realize I have to become a different version of myself.

I’ve realized that when opportunities come to me, it’s an invitation to show up and rise to the occasion. I have it within me to show up. I have it within me to be great. I have it within me to be the person who conquers my tasks and gets things done; but I have to choose to be her.

It’s simple in concept but the practice is rough. It’s a fight some days to reach forward instead of falling back. It’s a push to get out of bed at 5am so I can prepare my mind, body, and soul for the days‘ tasks. It’s a test to say no to the things that will take up space in my life and yes to the habits that will propel me.

But every single day, I tell myself to show up. However that looks. If I need to work hard today so I can rest tomorrow, that is what I’ll do. If I need to put down my phone so I can have three solid hours of work time, that’s what I’ll do. 

If ever, whenever, however you are presented with the opportunity to show up for your work, your family, or yourself — push yourself to do it; you’re capable. 

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