Called: A Sunday Sermon

A few days ago, I was standing in the kitchen, listening to a Maverick City Music song when my eyes began to well with tears. I didn’t hold them in. I embraced the moment and let them fall. 

I was feeling all of these feelings. Reflecting on who I am, singing the words “I just want to thank you” over and over. I was grateful for my position in life and for the first time in a long time, I felt like what I’m called to do is much bigger than me. 

In the ambition of creating, striving, and desiring success, it has been very easy to forget why I do what I do beyond the fact that it makes me happy. 

In my tears, I got the reminder that being called to something is not about the pursuit of success. My calling is bigger than my fear of rejection. It’s bigger than money. It’s bigger than me. 

“When something is calling you, it won’t stop until you answer.”

I saw this phrase somewhere on Instagram recently. I was reminded of purpose, calling, needs, desires — the things we tuck away when life gets in the way or gets too busy or a little too practical. 

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about career vs. vocation vs. hobby vs. calling in one of her creativity workshops. She mentions that a calling is something you do regardless of whether or not it becomes your career or vocation. It’s just the thing you feel you need to do in order to be fulfilled in life. 

This week, I’ve been reminded to put myself aside for a moment to ask God, my spirit, my inner knowing…what am I being called to right now? What am I missing? What decisions, commitments, and directions will move me closer to fulfilling that calling? 

As I listen for answers, I invite you to ask the same questions if you haven’t lately, and I hope you find yourself in the perfect position to answer the call. 

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