I thought a new house would make me feel better. So I prayed and prayed for the thing that would give me my own space, and I got it. I’m grateful. But there was still a thing inside. A thing lurking to be filled. 

I stopped my mind a few times from finding reasons why I wasn’t happy. Maybe it’s the dishes. Or the fact that we have yet to put pictures on our brand new wall. Or that there are already a few fixes that need to happen. I stopped myself again. No, it’s not the things, it’s me. 

You think that all you need is this one more thing. You think it will solve all your worries. And in reality, it won’t. It doesn’t. It solves some problems, and then it creates others. By the time you find the balance, you’re so far into it, you forget that it was once the thing you were praying for.

We are all like that aren’t we? Constantly wanting things. Asking for them. Needing them. Until we get them, and realize we are not satisfied.

It’s us that needs to change. We need to be fulfilled. 

Fulfillment can be a tricky, weird, unidentifiable term that for me simply means listening to the soul and giving it what it wants. A day off. A nap. Flowers. A coloring session. A long shower concert. That old hobby. 

The soul longs for things and people and places too but what it wants most, is for you to be happy. Listen to it and follow. It’ll never steer you wrong. 

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written here but I write weekly on my Patreon AND I’m doing a personally addressed love letter to every new and existing patron this month for my birthday. It’s simply a letter from my heart to yours. You can sign up here to join.

See you soon.

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