To Be Beauty: A Sunday Sermon

The sun, the moon, the stars, and the        air, were all here. Always here.  they came here like        us; unknowingly. We have theories  and thoughts that pertain to how      and why but time, time knows        no bounds and neither should we.  We know not why we’re here. We       just know, we are here.               We’re here.  … Continue reading To Be Beauty: A Sunday Sermon

Choose: A Sunday Sermon.

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to use my gift of spiritual connection for good. I’ve been wanting to share my heart and whatever I feel God is saying. I’ve been wanting to give of myself in new ways.  If you identify and it resonates, Amen - if not, maybe next time?  So here … Continue reading Choose: A Sunday Sermon.

A Letter to 2019

At the Helm Of Resistance, Is Change. We grew up together. Me, young, blinded by love and quite conquered by failures of the past. You were ambitious. Following a year of triumph, you slowed down a bit. All the way down. You led me here. We manifested destiny together. Attended conferences filled with old Christians … Continue reading A Letter to 2019

You Are A Good Thing, No Matter What They Say

I handed myself a resume the other day. One I thought was really, really good. I was praising myself and giving myself all the accolades. I was stern in my thoughts and abilities. I knew my skills. I knew what I had to offer any job that I came across. And then the next minute, … Continue reading You Are A Good Thing, No Matter What They Say