"Marriage isn’t hard work, we make it hard” Todd Taylor said this phrase during the Atlanta Clips & Conversations event for Black Love, the docuseries created by Codie and Tommy Oliver that captures love stories of black married couples. Season 2 of the docuseries airs on May 12th and Atlanta was the last stop … Continue reading Black

Lemonade Is Not Beyonce’s Story

Yes. Another blog about Lemonade because that is what true art does. It not only evokes emotion but it incites cultural enlightenment. I believe Lemonade is more than Beyoncé telling a story about her and her husband. I feel as if she said "I want to tell the story of thousands of women" and that's … Continue reading Lemonade Is Not Beyonce’s Story

Love Isn’t Enough.

Love. Hatred. Resentment. Sadness. Arguments, Misunderstanding. Loneliness. Beauty. Laughter. Possessiveness. Growth. Death. Life. Marriage. is all of the above. It translates the deepest emotions into the most aggressive actions at the drop of a dime. It is the effervescent mirror that reflects our behaviors and tendencies. The mirror that we naturally avoid as we settle … Continue reading Love Isn’t Enough.

It Gets Easier

I remember sitting on my bed with tears flowing down my face. Trying hard to catch my breath in the midst of a full out, ugly, loud cry. I was stressed, distraught and tired. This was week 2 of being a mom and I felt like I was a complete failure. My mom and mother in … Continue reading It Gets Easier

Impatiently Waiting

Over the past few years, I've noticed a distinct pattern among women in relationships. I've had friends that are in relationships, waiting anxiously for their men to propose to them. Some of them waiting 2 years, others waiting 5; and I could relate because I felt the same while waiting to be proposed to by … Continue reading Impatiently Waiting

Who Has the Answer? A Piece About My Fear for My Black Men.

I've always loved black men. The way they walk, their style, the culture they represent, and the beauty that reflects in their different hue's of brown. I've always believed in them. I believed that they were more intellectual than society wanted to portray and that their creativity and potential for success far outweighed the presumption … Continue reading Who Has the Answer? A Piece About My Fear for My Black Men.

Depression is Deceitful

  Yesterday, I thought depression was my friend. I thought that it was the easiest way to live through a moment where I was struggling mentally, physically, and emotionally. The more that I gave into the feeling, the more it felt normal and necessary. It had gotten to the place where I felt like not being … Continue reading Depression is Deceitful

What Are You Capable Of?

Recently, I was hanging out with a group of amazingly beautiful women and we had a conversation about our goals for 2014. In the conversation, we were challenged to recognize and share what our obstacles and setbacks were in relation to achieving those goals. I expressed that many times, I have the vision and dreams … Continue reading What Are You Capable Of?

Digging Deeper – #15

Sunday night, I wrote a post about 25 of my biggest secrets and shared that blog post with the world! The response that I received was overwhelming in that I didn't expect so many people to identify with my secrets! One of the funniest things happened as a result; a few people contacted me personally … Continue reading Digging Deeper – #15

25 of My Biggest Secrets

10, 9, 8, 7... It was bitter sweet to be sitting in a New Years Eve service still breathing as the year went from 2013 to 2014. As soon as the clock struck midnight, my mind was filled with thoughts and messages from God.  I began to reflect on who I am and I decided: No more lying to myself. No more secrets. … Continue reading 25 of My Biggest Secrets