So Deserving: A Thursday Sermon

(Because sometimes Sunday doesn’t work out) I’m sitting inside of a SCAD Forsyth House apartment in Savannah watching Charmed and writing. For the last few days, I’ve been in utter amazement of myself, my worth, my God, and my life.  Months ago (to be honest, I don’t even remember how many) I applied for a … Continue reading So Deserving: A Thursday Sermon

Choose: A Sunday Sermon.

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to use my gift of spiritual connection for good. I’ve been wanting to share my heart and whatever I feel God is saying. I’ve been wanting to give of myself in new ways.  If you identify and it resonates, Amen - if not, maybe next time?  So here … Continue reading Choose: A Sunday Sermon.

An Ode To LGBT

There is something beautiful about a person who is willing to be completely authentic to their hearts desires. Especially when those desires go against popular rhetoric and design. The other day, as I sat in Tin Lizzy’s stuffing my face with this Sante Fe quesadilla, I watched a women introduce herself as Megan. She wore … Continue reading An Ode To LGBT

2018: Life Is What You Make It.

2018 taught me that life comes at you fast. It taught me that life isn’t always what it seems. It taught me that when life tells you to go, you go, and when it tells you to stop, you stop. 2018 has taught me that nothing is ever the same; yet and still, everything is. … Continue reading 2018: Life Is What You Make It.

Can A White Girl Wear That?

"Can a white girl wear that?" She asked me after complimenting the style of my Ankara head wrap. She was one of my favorite white girls. I just liked her. Something about her was annoyingly sweet, hilarious, and so lovable. I wanted to be her friend. Like a ‘someone you go see a movie with’ friend. … Continue reading Can A White Girl Wear That?

What Women Really Mean When We Say We Need A Break

We wake up. We feed children. We clean house. We let go of our inhibitions from the night before or the entire week we spent tired but pushing past our will to accommodate the needs of others and ourselves. And our households. We are superheroes; that’s not in question. But, we are not invincible. We … Continue reading What Women Really Mean When We Say We Need A Break

Who You Do It For?

      We live in a society that perpetuates our need for affirmation yet criticizes us when we continuously seek it. From infancy, we’re groomed to satisfy others and make them proud. Our teachers, our bosses, our parents, our friends - our kids. Our entire school career depends on us making good decisions, staying … Continue reading Who You Do It For?

What You Runnin’ From?

We peaked around the corner of the small trees, afraid of what we may find coming towards us. I didn't recognize the little girl with me but she felt familiar. She had pale white skin and short blonde hair, I think. We stayed hidden in the trees quietly breathing for just a few seconds before … Continue reading What You Runnin’ From?