Choose: A Sunday Sermon.

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to use my gift of spiritual connection for good. I’ve been wanting to share my heart and whatever I feel God is saying. I’ve been wanting to give of myself in new ways.  If you identify and it resonates, Amen - if not, maybe next time?  So here … Continue reading Choose: A Sunday Sermon.

Is It Okay To Run Away?

I hold my breath a lot. I noticed it the other day when I let out a big sigh in the middle of a conversation with someone. I don’t breathe regularly. I’m constantly holding my breath. Letting out huge sighs over and over. People comment on them. They ask me things like“why did you let … Continue reading Is It Okay To Run Away?

What You Listening To?

Sometimes it’s hard for people to hear themselves. Or see themselves clearly. It’s as if there is a brick wall standing long and tall between them and their souls that prevents them from moving forward in the direction of their dreams; or simply in the direction of their joy. We often hear others louder than … Continue reading What You Listening To?