A Letter to 2019

At the Helm Of Resistance, Is Change. We grew up together. Me, young, blinded by love and quite conquered by failures of the past. You were ambitious. Following a year of triumph, you slowed down a bit. All the way down. You led me here. We manifested destiny together. Attended conferences filled with old Christians … Continue reading A Letter to 2019

You Are A Good Thing, No Matter What They Say

I handed myself a resume the other day. One I thought was really, really good. I was praising myself and giving myself all the accolades. I was stern in my thoughts and abilities. I knew my skills. I knew what I had to offer any job that I came across. And then the next minute, … Continue reading You Are A Good Thing, No Matter What They Say

And Then All Of A Sudden, You Can Breathe Again.

What you want in life often escapes you when you’re paying attention to too many things at one time. "Focus on one thing," they say. "Do one thing," they say. Leave everything else behind and just do what you love. But then, what you love becomes the only focus of your life and then your … Continue reading And Then All Of A Sudden, You Can Breathe Again.

Is It Okay To Run Away?

I hold my breath a lot. I noticed it the other day when I let out a big sigh in the middle of a conversation with someone. I don’t breathe regularly. I’m constantly holding my breath. Letting out huge sighs over and over. People comment on them. They ask me things like“why did you let … Continue reading Is It Okay To Run Away?

An Ode To LGBT

There is something beautiful about a person who is willing to be completely authentic to their hearts desires. Especially when those desires go against popular rhetoric and design. The other day, as I sat in Tin Lizzy’s stuffing my face with this Sante Fe quesadilla, I watched a women introduce herself as Megan. She wore … Continue reading An Ode To LGBT

Can A White Girl Wear That?

"Can a white girl wear that?" She asked me after complimenting the style of my Ankara head wrap. She was one of my favorite white girls. I just liked her. Something about her was annoyingly sweet, hilarious, and so lovable. I wanted to be her friend. Like a ‘someone you go see a movie with’ friend. … Continue reading Can A White Girl Wear That?

Where Does Pressure Come From?

There is so much Pressure. To be great. To be valuable. To succeed. To know yourself. To know others.   To want yourself. To want others. To love. To hate. To be nice. To be mean. To let go. To hold on. To be in love. To let love die. The pressure to grow long … Continue reading Where Does Pressure Come From?

What Is Love Without Letting Go?

It isn’t easy letting go of the love of your life. It takes patience, and balls. It takes heartache and an overwhelming amount of love for yourself. Because in the shadows of contentment is sacrifice. Sacrificing your fantasy for reality. Or your sanity for clarity. It's like letting go of mounds of Olive Garden pasta … Continue reading What Is Love Without Letting Go?

What You Runnin’ From?

We peaked around the corner of the small trees, afraid of what we may find coming towards us. I didn't recognize the little girl with me but she felt familiar. She had pale white skin and short blonde hair, I think. We stayed hidden in the trees quietly breathing for just a few seconds before … Continue reading What You Runnin’ From?